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For entrepreneurs and investors who want to be optimally prepared for investment changes and business transactions.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

( Benjamin Franklin)

Hand on heart:

As an entrepreneur, have you ever thought about leaving your business?

Your company is doing quite well. You have successfully completed one or two growth phases and find yourself thinking what would happen if you wanted to leave? Does your company generate enough appeal to attract investors or buyers?

Or is there too much attached to you and too few key employees with know-how in the company, without whom the value suddenly no longer seems so certain. How can the value of your company be reliably estimated at all? And how can you check the performance indicators and growth of your company in real time with the push of a button?

How about building your business in such a way that you personally have the option for an exit or a transaction at any time?



As entrepreneur, show visions and provide strategies for their implementation. As an exciting employer, support and promote committed employees and gradually hand over the day-to-day business.


A stable sales pipeline, satisfied existing customers and comprehensible results and processes between sales, marketing and service are important factors for decision makers and investors.


Winning, retaining and making customers just happy, without giving up the economic interest of the company.

IT landscape

“The only constant in life is change.“ With flexible Internet technology, processes become smart, transparent and can be easily adapted to new requirements.

How would it feel to wake up every day with the good feeling that you have the steering wheel firmly in your hand but you are free to decide?

Investment Consulting for Business Angels

Which information do I need to make secure decisions on financial participation in companies?

You want to take a financial stake in a company and would like to plan your investment very carefully? For me, the keys to the success of a company are ethical management by the founders, quality, innovation, customer orientation and an inspired team. Important are smart processes in sales, marketing and service supported by a lean, well integrated digital IT landscape.

Do you want to know whether it is worth investing in a company and if your money is well invested? What does it take to answer this question clearly and transparently for both sides?










Information Technology


As an entrepreneur gain the freedom to make decisions that fit your business requirements and personal desires. As business angel – invest in innovative and smart companies that are well prepared for growth and internationalization.

Consistent action is crucial for your professional and private success as an entrepreneur. Start today.

If a smart business idea will be successful in the long run depends, in my opinion, on an excellent interaction of the following parameters. The founders, the right team, determination, how things are approached and implemented, a smart infrastructure and the will to sell and internationalize.

Achieve greater freedom and investment security


I advise personally and exclusively in ethically acting companies, which have a responsible attitude towards employees, customers and society.


Are you wondering whether a business idea really has a chance? Get an audit of your planned investment so that you can correctly assess the potential of the company.


Let’s make an appointment on site so that we can check together whether the cooperation is suitable for both sides.

The STORY and Idea behind CLOUDPIRAT

From business and sailing

As a child growing up in the GDR with a pioneer neckerchief, I could not imagine ever getting further than Prague. In 1997, as manager of an eCommerce start-up in San Francisco, I found myself on the Pacific Ocean and literally in another world.

The people in Silicon Valley were a smart, wonderful mix from all over the world. Through the innovation of the Internet and the American start-up culture, I saw how capable employees quickly became directors, vice presidents, and even millionaires. The pace was enormous! You felt free and everything seemed possible.

Even my company, which I founded in 2003 with a partner and friend, grew at that speed thanks to our enthusiasm for IT and cloud computing. 

2010 was the first time my health began to show and I found myself thinking how long this could go on. Meanwhile I had responsibility for many employees, but also for my family and my children.

The view of the blue ocean gave me distance and freedom to think: What if we structured our company in such a way that it would run well even without 60 hours a week through us founders? Would it be possible to involve leading employees in the company and thus better distribute the burden and responsibility? What would it mean to merge with a

competitor? Or even to sell our company completely?

In 2014 the time had come. After months of negotiations, we decided to merge ClientHouse GmbH with Accenture, at that time the world’s largest IT consulting firm, and in the following successful “Post Merger Integration” to build up Accenture salesfoce.com Consulting for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

André Klose – Proven Expert

Business Privateer

I am an experienced entrepreneur, independent managing director and management consultant for digital transformation. 

With my consulting label CloudPirat I steer selected companies into growth and start-ups towards attractive and well-structured brands, so that an exit is always open.

For investors I offer investment audits. I talk to the founders and the team behind the business idea and look at the products, the market and the possibilities for scaling and internationalization.

I take the liberty to support only ethically acting entrepreneurs, people who have a responsible attitude towards employees, customers and society.

Privately I am a passionate sailor, a good partner and father of three great children. I am committed to a united Europe, more data privacy and data protection on the Internet and the protection of the seas.

Don't wait until it is too late to solve this problem.

Let’s face this task so that you can see land as soon as possible!

Many entrepreneurs wait until it is too late and are not able to enjoy their success or they sell their business below value.

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